Maribor, Slovenia

4 October 2018

For everyone eager to explore LoRAWAN technologies

For developers, business & technical professionals and teachers – experts and beginners alike.

  • Find out about the latest technology updates from The Things Network and its partners.
  • Explore opportunities LoRAWAN technologies have to offer to solve real world challenges.
  • Get inspired by the applications presented by their inventors.
  • Explore LoRaWAN hands-on and learn how to make reliable, secure and scalable LoRaWAN applications.

Join us in Maribor!


Call for speakers is open!

If you want to showcase, share or demonstrate something during the conference, please drop us a line.

Co-founder and Tech Lead

The Things Network

Co-founder and CTO

Lacuna Space

Founder and CEO

Institute IRNAS

Co-founder, Lecturer and Researcher initiative

Sales Director

Solvera Lynx

Managing Director and Chief Sales Officer

Pessl Instruments

Workshop Mentors

Lecturer and Researcher

Laboratory for Telecommunications, FE UL

Senior Software Engineers


This is a preliminary agenda. We’re finalizing the programme and will publish it soon. We invite you to sign up for the newsletter to receive updates about the conference.




07:45 – 08:30

Registration and morning coffee with networking

08:30 – 08:45

Welcome Session

08:45 – 09:15

Keynote 1: Getting started with TTN and LoRAWAN

09:15 – 09:35

Keynote 2: LoRaWAN geolocation and positioning

09:35 – 10:05

Break and Networking

10:05 – 11:35

Panel Session: Successful LoRaWAN product stories and implementations

11:35 – 12:05

Break and Thematic Networking

12:05 – 12:35

Keynote 3: Advanced LoRaWAN applications – Drone mapping radio coverage

12:35 – 13:05

Keynote 4 : Advanced LoRaWAN applications – LoRaWAN From Space: Gateways In Orbit

13:05 – 13:20

Keynote 5: –  Open sensor platform for improved outdoor environment

13:20 – 13:30

Introduction to Workshops

13:30 – 15:00



The afternoon hand-on sessions designed for the participants to gain the right skillset to develop real LoRaWAN products and services will be running in three parallel tracks.

  • Track A: Network Explore hardware implementation of LoraWAN devices, building networks and creating robust solutions.
  • Track B: Cloud Envision and implement cloud integration and deliver the value to the customer.
  • Track C: Education/Mixed Empower the next generation of engineers building solutions with LoraWAN.



15:00 – 16:00

Track A: Network
Track B: Cloud
Track C: Education/Mixed

15:00 – 16:00

Build your own gateway with and RAK wireless

LoRaWAN geolocation in practice

Connecting conference device MicroClimate sensor unit to The Things Network

16:00 – 16:10

Short Break

16:10 – 17:10


The Things Network stack V3 hands-on

Colibri IoT – Open Arduino based IoT platform for Education


17:10 – 17:20

Short Break

17:20 – 18:20

Sensors and power supplies for LoRaWAN

Cloud integrations with The Things Network stack

Using NodeRED and Graphana for simple projects

18:30 – 21:00

Picnic and beer time with networking


Early Bird

  • per ticket


  • per ticket

Team Ticket

  • per ticket for teams 3+

For Teachers

  • per ticket

*All ticket types include access to all event sessions, event materials including hardware components that will be used during afternoon workshops, a working LoRaWAN device to take home, lunch, networking breakes with snacks.

As a participant you will receive your own LoRaWAN MicroClimate sensor unit to take home!

MicroClimate sensor units are used for air temperature, relative humidity and pressure measurements. Sensor units are based on LoRaWAN technology, which enables autonomous data stream on long distances (up to 10 km) and low power consumption. MicroClimate sensors use two AAA standard batteries, which ensures up to three years of maintenance-free operation. All sensors are connected to the open platform by default. Alternatively, sensors can also be integrated in any cloud platform.


Institut informacijskih znanosti
Prešernova ulica 17
2000 Maribor

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The Things Network

The Things Network is building a network for the Internet of Things by creating abundant data connectivity, so applications and businesses can flourish. The technology they use is called LoRaWAN and it allows for things to talk to the internet without 3G or WiFi. The Things Network is built by the community with more than 42 000 members. Everyone can contribute by placing a gateway and expand the network. The more gateways are placed, the larger the coverage. At this moment, there are already around 3950 gateways up and running.


The LoRaWAN specification is a Low Power, Wide Area (LPWA) networking protocol designed to wirelessly connect battery operated ‘things’ to the internet in regional, national or global networks, and targets key Internet of Things (IoT) requirements such as bi-directional communication, end-to-end security, mobility and localization services.


At Institute IRNAS we strive to apply the vast scientific knowledge to everyday reality by creating effective, affordable and well-tailored future-proof hardware products and IoT systems. We believe in an open-source world and sharing. We aim to empower the world with technologies that improve lives, let that be an advanced communication system or a simple everyday utensil.


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