Smart city Climate: First successes in Switzerland

Getting precise city weather data to everyone’s doorstep is possible with new LoRa and simulation technology

  • 13:00 - 15:00 • 16th April 2020

Dr. Karl Gutbrod

CEO, meteoblue AG

Karl G. Gutbrod is CEO of meteoblue. He came to meteoblue with 25 years of experience in international agri-business, as project and unit leader in development, product management, marketing, business development and information services. Karl has worked for GTZ, DED, Ciba, Novartis and Syngenta. He has lived and worked in Germany, Switzerland, United States, Brasil, Thailand, and China, and other places.
Karl holds a PhD in agronomy from the University of Göttingen. In addition to his day job, he teaches courses on International Business Strategy at the University of Cooperative Education in Lörrach and supervises Bachelor students there.

meteoblue delivers local weather information of high quality worldwide for any point on land or sea in the world.
meteoblue premium website contentproducts and services are designed for businesses that depend on the weather and for individuals having a special interest in meteorology; for commercial customers, they are available at competitive prices. For the general public, we offer a free high-resolution weather forecast that is second to none.
meteoblue uses cutting edge science and technology to generate, display and distribute weather information. Adapting the world-class NMM weather prediction model to meso-scale, we are able to detect climatic patterns typical of mountainous areas, lake shores and on the sea, as well as reconstruct weather patterns occurring in any place of the world with high precision.