Deploying and operating a TTN LoRa Network in remote Area: Uganda Refugees Settlements

UNHCR is the UN refugees agency coping with emergency situation. The Lora Network is a slight network solution for deploying and supervising assets in remote and harsh areas. The open TTN platform is prefered for non governmental organisation willing to expand and pool the solutions. Together with UNHCR, Greencityzen deploys and operates a large scale pilot for securing drinking water in uganda refugees camps. As we suffer a pandemic situation it is important to learn how LoRa technology could be a good candidate to cope with fast, harsh, changing and remote environnement.

  • 13:00 - 15:00 • 16th April 2020

François Hamon

Co-founder and CEO, Greencityzen
Labelled as GreenTech by french government, GreenCityZen is a startup providing end to end IoT solutions to industries or smart cities. Solutions empowered by artifical intelligence are designed to reduce the environmental footprint. Examples of use cases: asset monitoring in water cycle, heat island management & smart watering for cities greeen spaces, air & presence monitoring to reduce building energy foot print