Pan-Slovenian LoRa Network and Coexistence with the Existent Networks

IoT Use-cases – Lightning Talks

  • 19:15 – 20:00 • 3rd October 2019

The IoT and LoRa recently becoming more and more popular not only in industrial applications but also among amateurs and civil users. The coverage of the LoRaWAN in Slovenia is not very good, with exemptions of Goriška region, Maribor region and some smaller parts of the other cities. The idea of a motivated non-commercial group is to build a rough coverage of Slovenia with LoRaWAN. In this talk, I will address the possibilities and problems, which occurs within this work.  

dr. Kostja Makarovič

SCiDROM, School center Novo mesto

SCiDROM is an idea incubator at School center Novo mesto, where they openly innovate in the field of electronics and computer science.