Colibri IoT - Open Arduino based IoT platform for Education

The same workshop will be held in two groups – Group A at 15.00 and Group B at 16.10.

  • 15:00 – 16:00 // Track C
  • 16:10 – 17:20 // Track C

Colibri IoT is an open IoT sensor platform developed by teachers for students to learn basic IoT principles on the real-life applications. It is based on the Arduino platform, supports LoRaWAN connectivity out of the box and enables a broad range of features using various extension boards. Colibri IoT can be used to develop Smart City, Smart Agriculture, Smart Industry and other applications.

The primary goal of the workshop will be to assemble the Colibri IoT and Colibri Doppler – micro doppler radar extension module and connect it to the open data platform using LoRaWAN technology and The Things Network open network infrastructure.

What will you take away from this workshop?

Participants will learn how to connect Arduino based IoT sensor platform to the LoRaWAN The Things Network and how to send data to the 3rd party open data platform. They will learn how to teach their students the basics of IoT by using real-life applications. After the workshop, they can deploy with students Colibri IoT and Colibri Doppler sensors on the streets close to their school so they can analyze the traffic density and over speeding incidents.

How do you need to prepare yourself? Are there any special skills required to participate?

Just the basic understanding of the Arduino ecosystem is required.

Please, bring your laptop with you. We also kindly ask you to have the Arduino software pre-installed. The instructions are availlable on this link.

Luka Mali

Lecturer and Researcher, Laboratory for Telecommunications, FE UL

Luka Mali holds the position of a senior research associate and lecturer at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Laboratory for Telecommunications. His current work focuses on Mobile and Wireless Networks, Low Power Wireless Networks, Connected Devices and IoT applications. He is head of MakerLab Ljubljana, the first open prototyping laboratory (FabLab) at University of Ljubljana. In his 15+ years career he co-founded multiple IoT Startups, where some of them ship 100,000+ IoT products annually. He is co-initiator of The Things Network Slovenia, the national public LoRaWAN sensor network and founder of the open education platform Colibri IoT.

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