Specialised LoRaWAN applications - Drone assisted TTN deployment and mapping in remote areas

  • 11:35 – 12:05

Studying wildlife in remote areas of the world, with a goal of implementing informed conservation strategies, required a simple and time-efficient method to build a network covering vast inaccessible areas. As an answer we have developed a bundle of solutions – from animal trackers and static sensors to drone automated signal coverage mapping across water, tree-tops and other inaccessible locations. In this talk I will share the solutions and challenges of our projects – Green Sea Turtles monitoring on Principe Island and Arboreal Monitoring Platform in Amazon rainforest, in Peru among others.

Luka Mustafa

Founder and CEO, Institute IRNAS

Luka Mustafa is a founder and CEO of a future-proof lab for development of advanced applied solutions Institute IRNAS that he established in 2014, where he leads a multidisciplinary team developing future-proof systems, ranging from wireless optical communication systems, IoT devices for specialized applications to open medical devices and 3D bioprinting. He also promotes and deploys open wireless networks in wlan slovenia project and manages national and international wireless backbones. He is pursuing a PhD at University College London (UCL) in the EE ONG group and was a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow.
At Institute IRNAS we strive to apply the vast scientific knowledge to everyday reality by creating effective, affordable and well-tailored future-proof hardware products and IoT systems. We believe in an open-source world and sharing. We aim to empower the world with technologies that improve lives, let that be an advanced communication system, open medical device, 3D bioprinting or a simple everyday utensil.