Remote reading of gas meters

IoT Use-cases – Lightning Talks

  • 19:15 – 20:00 • 3rd October 2019

As part of the project, we upgraded existing gas meters with LoRaWAN equipment and installed LoRa Gateways in different locations of the city.
The ultimate goal of the project is to capture all measuring points in the natural gas distribution in Kranj and to abandon the classic monthly census of users.

Mlađen Simeunović

Project manager, Telos d.o.o.

An employee at Telos d.o.o. as project manager for IoT program. He devotes most of his time to finding new solutions with LoRaWAN technology. He was involved in the development of the GioTo software platform. He is also the initiator of The Things Network community Kranj, where he tries to connect as many technology companies as possible into one LoRaWAN community.

Telos d.o.o. is a leading regional provider of industrial IoT/M2M hardware and solutions with 16 years long record of proudly serving world-class partners and customers. They strongly believe that LoRa is the future of IoT connectivity. Their goal is opening the doors to IoT era with an extensive offer of LoRa Base stations, Sensors and Devices. They have developed their own IoT management platform called GIoTo. GIoTo is state-of-the-art tool for collecting, visualisation and integration of IoT data. GIoTo platform extremely simplifies management and monetization of any IoT application.