The IoT for Real - Beyond Simplistic Thinking and Models

  • 9:00 - 9:30 • 2nd April 2020

The future of sustainable societies will largely be decided by the industries, farms and supply chains that support them. What we know for sure is that todays models, methodologies and materials are far too wasteful and lacking in performance to meet our critical objectives. We need the radical change at the core of Industry 4.0!

New metals, plastics and ceramics born of the bio and nano revolution; additive manufacture, and programmable features; vertical farms; new livestock regimes; all realising better performance, and greater efficiencies, with lower energy and material waste are at the core.

To realise this future there is one orchestrating element that can identify every component, entity and animal, to provide a history of it’s origin, life, and potential for Ruse, Repurpose and Recycling at high efficiency, and low loss, at the end of its lifecycle. That element is the IoT – composed of over 250Bn globally distributed and extremely speciated devices embedded into everything from cars to appliances, food, animals and people.

In this presentation we explain how all this comes about and highlight a series of axioms and that go way beyond the current simplistic industry ‘5G does it all’ picture:

Most IoT devices will talk to each other and never connect to the internet
IoT devices will require a range of bandwidths and not just low bit rates
The majority of IoT devices will communicate over very short distance
Our current wireless architectures are outmoded by the IoT
We will most likely need something beyond UWB
A change of direction to Hz per bit is very likely!
We need a change of direction to Hz per bit!
The power per IoT device has to be <<1mW
Security will demand auto-immunity
We need a change of direction to Hz per bit!

Peter Cochrane OBE

Up to 2000 Pete was Head of R&D and CTO at BT with 1000 people engaged in optical systems, fixed/mobile networks, AI and futures. On leaving he formed a consultancy company with investments in eBookers and Shazam Entertainment. Peter has also been employed by; defence, logistics, travel, retail, energy, healthcare, transport and Pharma sectors, UK and Singapore governments. He has advised HP, Motorola, 3M, Dupont, Ford, Sun, Apple, Cisco, Rolls Royce, BMW, and is currently engaged by FaceBook and QCRI. He was appointed visiting Professor of Sentient Systems to the University of Suffolk in 2017.