Build your own gateway with and RAK wireless

  • 15:00 – 16:00 // Track A

Build your own TTN gateway with a Raspberry Pi and RAK 831 in a matter of minutes.
Learn how to remotely manage, update, and monitor your gateway(s) with
Take your TTN gateway home with you and start building your fleet!

What will you take away from this workshop?

Knowledge of how to set up and configure a TTN gateway with RAK 831 and
Understanding of features to develop, deploy, and manage the code on your
new gateway.
A gateway to keep and take home with you!

How do you need to prepare yourself? Are there any special skills required?

Participants need a laptop and an SD card writer (if their laptop does not already
have one). Basic command line skills on Windows, OSX, and/or Linux are required.
Basic familiarity with Git is also helpful – we encourage you to install it
ahead of time if you haven’t already. Team

Tim Perry, Tomislav Gudlek, Andreas Fitzek, Senior Software Engineers helps you build IoT projects and remotely develop, deploy, and manage code on fleets of connected devices, whether it’s home automation, robotics, drones, smart factories,
or LoRaWAN gateways!
We bring a modern and accessible development workflow, including Docker containers
and ‘git push’ functionality, to the Internet of Things.
Our mission is to help create a fully programmable world by unlocking the power of
edge computing as the most powerful platform for innovation.