What does it take to be a LoRaWAN expert?

  • 17:35 - 18:00 • 3rd October 2019

This keynote presentation will focus on key parts a LoRaWAN expert needs to know to develop a stable, working, reliable and ready to market LoRaWAN connected product. These parts include: design stage, component decision stage, antennas design, RF tuning, low power optimization, programming, security and certification. Furthermore, we will talk about the common errors that are made in each of these steps and how to avoid them.

The presentation will also include different routes you can take to skip some of those parts of the design process by choosing different components, while presenting both positive and negative sides of them.

Tomislav Brlek

Sales Engineer, Onethinx

Tomislav Brlek (mag. ing. el.) is a LoRaWAN solutions designer, hardware and firmware expert, and technical sales specialist at Onethinx. Having detailed knowledge about the growing LoRaWAN market and the needs of the LoRaWAN community, he is able to give a top of the line presentation on how to design a successful LoRaWAN connected product.

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