​The visit of Business and Industry Zone Tezno and underground tunnels and presentation of the IoT deployments in the area


  • 15:00 - 16:30 • 3rd October 2019

We will visit The Business and Industry Zone Tezno, the largest, complete business, industry and logistics complex in Slovenia, a dynamic system, which is continually evolving towards “clean” production and services, based on knowledge and high added value. They will present us also several interesting IoT deployments in the area.

We will continue the visit 15 m underground. 8.512 m2 of tunnels were built by Germans in 1943 because of the threat of air bombing raids by Allied forces. They would serve as a backup production location since the bombing of factories were becoming frequent.

To get 15 m underground we will need to walk 90 stairs. Don’t forget about the waterproof shoes (ankle, walking boots) and suitable clothing.

Language of the visit: Slovene

Meeting point: Cesta k Tamu 6, 2000 Maribor
At the same location you can park your car.

In the Business and Industry Zone Tezno, among other things, very complex parts and assemblies are made for the largest European car makers such as Citroën, Peugeot, Ford, Magna Steyr, VW, Daimler- Mercedes Benz, Iveco and others. At the same time our zone is the scene of planning and creation of ever more highly sophisticated, so-called high-tech products and services, including postal-logistics, banking and insurance. It is also an area, which is renowned for developing the most advanced solutions in the field of industrial energy efficiency, and the development and design of passive houses. The suchlike can also be found here in the image of a futuristically designed business premises.