Panel Session – Successful LoRaWAN product stories and implementations:

Low Power Wireless Technology Solutions for Energy Management in industry and facilities

  • 10:05 – 11:05

At Solvera Lynx we develop energy management solutions for industry and facilities; Over the last 16 years, our solutions have been recognized by energy efficiency specialists from corporations such as Knauf Insulation, Henkel, ETI, Goodyear, DS Smith, DUOL, and others.

During our pitch we will share our success stories with you: 

  • Project with Salonit Anhovo Case. We helped the biggest cement production factory in Slovenia, to join the top 10% most energy-efficient factories in Europe by creating a custom-made solution to optimize energy-intensive production processes by using our ComBox.L® communication equipment and GemaLogic® advanced software platform.
  • Project with BTC City. We helped tackle Energy Management challenges in BTC City Ljubljana, one of the biggest commercial centers in Europe.
  • We will dive into our experience of setting up the first regional LoRaWAN™ network for the Internet of Things. Using the capital city Ljubljana as a large testing field we have installed wireless ComBox.L. LoRa devices to strategic points across the city, making smart cities and smart factories possible.

Klemen Logar

Sales Director, Solvera Lynx 

Mr. Logar is responsible to enhance and transfer industry leadership and best practices helping companies from various fields to accomplish primary energy management goals: holistic monitoring of energy efficiency performance and reduction of energy consumption.

“Sales and marketing are my passion because it brings new challenges on daily basis and every account is different therefor thinking out of the box is crucial for success. This drives me forward to go an extra mile to help customers in growing their business and profitability.” Klemen Logar

Solvera Lynx combines interdisciplinary knowledge in energy, information, and economy. We introduce modern information technology and advanced energy services to the demanding technical fields of energy, industry, and transport.

We provide a cost-effective package of integrated software and hardware that guarantees a complete overview of your energy consumption. Our intelligent GemaLogic software solution for energy management combines monitoring, analysing, alarming, and reporting in an easy-to-use online app.