WolkAbout IoT Platform integration with The Things Network

  • 17:20 – 18:20 // Track A

Experience just how easy it is to connect “things” to the Cloud and the power IoT Platform has to offer!
By registering a conference device – MicroClimate sensor unit to WolkAbout IoT Platform using LoRaWAN technology and The Things Network, you’ll be able to visualise data and control the remote device via WolkAbout web and mobile apps. Of course, you’ll receive an overview of WolkAbout IoT Platform features and dive into some interesting exercises.

What will you take away from this workshop?

In this workshop, participants will learn how to:
• Register their LoRa device to WolkAbout IoT Platform using LoRaWAN technology and The Things Network open network infrastructure
• Visualise data coming from the device via the clients
• Control the remote device via the clients
• Use WolkAbout IoT Platform and The Things Network community network for building a proof of concept

Participants will also receive:
• Overview of WolkAbout IoT Platform features and use cases

How do you need to prepare yourself? Are there skills required?

Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop to the workshop, as well as a conference device – MicroClimate sensor unit. Also, they are advised to create accounts at The Things Network and at the free instance of WolkAbout IoT Platform so that they can have a hands-on experience.
Basic programming is helpful, but not required.

Nemanja Maksimović

CTO, WolkAbout

Since 2013, when we started the WolkAbout story, our CTO Max has been leading WolkAbout’s innovation efforts while managing the amazing product engineering team. This resulted in building WolkAbout IoT Platform on the architecture that’s reliable, scalable and future-proof.

With the team:

Srđan Stanković
R&D Engineer
A leader of the WolkLab team, who helps us overcome all challenges regarding hardware design, firmware development and connectivity.

Igor Holod
Chief Software Architect
Igor wears many different hats in WolkAbout. He has extensive experience in software architecture and business development, and drives WolkAbout towards a more powerful and robust product.

WolkAbout is an IoT company providing its clients with proven technology to rapidly develop powerful IoT applications. Its main product is a robust and scalable IoT application enablement platform. Agnostic with regards to hardware and connectivity, WolkAbout IoT Platform includes all functionalities needed to navigate data-to-application integration quickly, thus reducing the time it takes for an application to get to market. It allows clients to easily connect, monitor and control disparate devices, transform real-time readings into meaningful data and combine different devices and services into a complete IoT solution. WolkAbout’s mission is to bring IoT closer to the masses.