The Final Frontier: LoRa Connectivity Everywhere

  • 12:00 – 12:30 • 2nd April 2020
The coverage of The Things Network continues to grow impressively.  But there likely will always be gaps in coverage between the cities and in remote places on the Earth.  Lacuna Space is flying gateways on satellites to fill in the voids, enabling monitoring in remote locations or tracking of mobile ‘things’, no matter where they are. We will describe the recent advances in satellite technology that have made this an economically feasible, and also describe the technical challenges to be overcome, for example: establishing links over hundreds of kilometres and Doppler effects.

Thomas Telkamp​

Co-founder and CTO, Lacuna Space

Thomas Telkamp is CTO at Lacuna Space, which he co-founded with Rob Spurrett, a space industry veteran. He is a network and IoT architect who has been involved in building the backend infrastructure of The Things Network from the early days in 2015. Thomas is now helping out with the development of several projects based on LoRa technology.

Lacuna Space is a company providing low-cost, simple and reliable global connections to sensors and mobile equipment. It works everywhere, and all the time, so you can focus on using your data. Lacuna’s first demonstration satellite will launch later this year, and there are three more satellites in preparation for launch early next year.